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Taylor Forest Products Upgrades Its Online Service with IBOS 3.0

As a small, service-oriented business serving the New England area, Taylor Forest Products understands that providing high-quality products at competitive prices and meeting customer demands are two key ingredients to a successful enterprise. To ensure that it delivers all these and more to its customers, Taylor Forest has upgraded the functionality and performance of its online ecommerce system with the help of IBOS 3.0.

IBOS 3.0 improves the way Taylor Forest displays its products and data by creating an online catalog capable of providing real-time product information. Using Builderwire's innovative Connector Technology, it's able to synch its website's store catalog with the data found in its back-end system giving Taylor Forest the ability to upload all the necessary product information in one go.

The new system also provides an improved account management system that can still be accessed by customers 24/7. This way, customers still have the ability to manage both their current and archived data whenever they want, including having real-time access to their invoices, orders, quotes and other balance details. It also offers the option to have these data converted to PDF and Excel formats for easier printing and storage.

IBOS 3.0 is also equipped with a more user-friendly content management and e-commerce module that gives Taylor Forest a wide array of tools to help them market their products. The new content editor makes it easier for Taylor Forest to create and manage its web pages while its built-in newsletter feature provides a more convenient way to display up-to-date information about the company.

IBOS' e-commerce module on the other hand offers advertisement and promotions tools that give Taylor Forest a convenient way to post banner and sidebar ads as well as display its current product promos on their website.

With over 25 years of experience in serving the construction industry, Taylor Forest Products has been able to assist customers in getting the materials they need to finish their building projects. Through its new and improved ecommerce website, the company aims to provide the same high-quality products and top-notched customer service it's been known to deliver for the last two decades.