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SKU: 586BF
Description: 5/8X6 BEADED FIR CLR MG

5/8x6 Beaded Douglas Fir / Ceiling Materials / Clear Mixed Grain / Trim Boards

Beaded Fir Ceiling Material Trim Board Specifications

(Beaded Trim Board / Trim Boards & Sheets Products)
Dimension 5/8 x 6
Profile Beaded Trim, Wood Trim
Wood Specie Douglas Fir Wood (DF), Fir
Type Trim Board
Wood Grade Clear Grade
Cut Mixed Grain (MG)
Douglas fir beaded ceiling panel/trim has a traditional, warm look for home ceiling. Fir wood ceiling is a flexible material that can be used to enhance the beauty of you walls or ceilings. And, while it's normally considered as good for visualizing a rustic cabin look, clear vertical grain (CVG) paneling can look quite modern and stunning aesthetically.

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