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Specializing in:

Red Cedar Shingles and Shakes

The strength and elegance of our red cedar shingles and shakes creates natural practicality, visually enticing, and the best choice for your roofing project needs. We offer red cedar shingles or cedar shakes at best prices with quality that is always assured.
beaded ceiling Materials by Taylor Forest
Our Red Cedar Shingles and Shakes have natural resistance for:

- Resisting the bad weather elements
- Opposed insect damage
- Defend against UV ray damage

Red Cedar Shingles

Red Cedar Shingles - Taylor Forest Products

16" Fivex #1 Blue Label Certigrade®
18" Perfection # 1 (Green or KD)
24" Royals #1 

18” C.V.G. 8 (G&R) (raw)                             
18” C.V.G 8 (G&R) (primed gray)                  
18” #1 R&R (G&R) (raw)                               
18” #1 R&R (G&R) (primed gray)                   
18” Super wides R&R 8” + (primed gray)       
18” #1 R&R Teal Cedartone                          
18” & 24” Handsplit (med, heavy, jumbo)        
18” Fancy cut white or red cedar                    
24” #1 R&R                                                 
24” #1 R&R (primed gray)                             
18”#1 Premium Tapersawn (5/8” butt) 
18” #1 Perfections Green                             
*18 #1 Perfections (kd)                                
18” C.C.A. Treated Perfections                     
18” C.C.A. Treated Tapersawn
6.88dls/sq at 5-1/2 exp                                 

Pressure treated or fire retardant available. Cedar Breather, Grace Ice + Water Shield, Stainless Nails and Staples available

*SFI certified: Go to the manufacturer’s website to learn more about these high end roof and sidewall shingles.

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Red Cedar Shakes

Red Cedar Shakes - Taylor Forest Products

18" Certi-Sawn® 5/8" Tapersawn Shakes Premium Grade & #2 Grade
      Premium Grade is 100% Edge Grain, 100% Clear, 100% Heartwood
24" Certi-Sawn® 5/8" Tapersawn Shakes Premium Grade & #2 Grade
18" & 24" Certi-Split® Hand Split Premium & #1 Grade
18" & 24" Certi-Split® Straight Split Shakes

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Remanufactured Products

re-manufactured products - Taylor Forest

Certi-Cut® Fancy Butt Red Cedar Shingles
Certi-Grade® Rebutted & Rejointed 18" & 24" Primed & Natural
Certi-Groove® Machine-Grooved Shingles 18" & 24" Primed & Natural

We custom coat any of these boxed shingles in 1 coat, 2 coat or 3 coat up to 20 years guarantee available on stain.

To learn more about Red Cedar Shakes & Shingles, go to cedarbureau.org. Taylor Forest Products, Inc. is proud to be a member of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau for many years. We are also proud to announce that Len Taylor III has been elected to serve as a Director of the bureau.

Certi-Last® and Certi-Guard® Shakes and Shingles available upon request

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