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Taylor Forest has everything you need when it comes to beadboard.

Whether used for exterior porches, soffits, or interior application – we have the beadboard your project demands! 

TruExterior Beadboard

TruExterior Trim and Accessories give you the freedom to create the look you want without worries. With virtually no expansion or contraction due to temperature and moisture changes, you’ll get tighter, cleaner looking joints compared to using wood. Choose Beadboard for porch ceilings, soffits and exterior decorative walls.

Suitable for ground contact and ideal for window and door applications
Comes in lengths up to 16′ for less waste

Claymark Centurion

Why choose Claymark’s Centurion Bead Board Products? Centurion is the highest performing exterior finishing system manufactured by Claymark from New Zealand Radiata Pine. Centurion® is a timber cladding system which has been developed to protect your greatest asset – your home. This product has been developed specifically for the USA market and includes all of Claymark’s state-of-the-art technologies to provide a product that will last and which gives a superior finish.

Fir Beadboard

Adding fir bead board panels to any room, especially when finished with a natural stain and several coats of varnish, will add a rustic, natural woodsy feeling to the room. Although fir are actually soft woods, they are often treated at the factory to resist dents, scratches and heavy usage.

Whether it’s choosing a practical solution for your home paneling, ceilings, backsplash, cabinets, walls, stair treads, front of the bathtub, back of shelving, and door projects, we have the types of Fir Beadboard you’re looking for today!

Pine Beadboard

When it comes to top quality Pine Beadboard Paneling for your home paneling, ceilings, backsplash, cabinets, walls, stair treads, front of the bathtub, back of shelving, and door projects, we have a wide selection!

Red Cedar Tongue & Groove (T&G) Beadboard

Why choose red cedar? Red Cedar is quality, beautiful, durable, versatile, easy to use and maintain. As one of North America’s most durable woods, it lasts for decades and even centuries. Natural resistance to deterioration has long made Red Cedar the premier choice for either interior or exterior home use. Cedar fibers contain natural compounds called thujaplicins that act as natural preservatives, making the wood extremely long-lasting. Properly finished, Red Cedar will last for decades, even in harsh environments. These compounds also give the wood its distinct aroma.

PVC Beadboard

Why choose PVC for Beadboard? There are many benefits of vinyl PVC beadboard include: Professional finish without the need to paint available in either white or cappuccino. Durable finish that resists scratches and dents. Water resistant, virtually maintenance free and will not rot.

PrimeLinx ShadowGap – recommended interior-use only

Shadow Gap Features:

  • Shiplap edges that are self-spacing for easier install
  • Real wood – ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and other interior areas
  • Primed and ready-to-paint
  • Super smooth finish and reversible
  • Easy to install with minimal tools
  • Can be applied directly to studs, over sheet rock, or most existing interior walls
  • Shadow Gap is thicker and offers more wall coverage per piece than some competitive products
  • Strength and hold-ability for heavy wall objects