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Taylor Forest has everything you need when it comes to clapboard siding.


Taylor Forest's clapboard siding, bevel, lap siding, & weatherboard guarantee utmost resistance against changing weather, destructive insect infestation, and other various factors.

They also provide additional protection for your exterior walls from heavy rains, humidity or cold days that can ruthlessly dent or deteriorate walls with the passing of years.

Clapboard siding, also called bevel siding, lap siding, and weatherboard, with regional variation in terms, is wooden siding of a building in the form of horizontal boards, often overlapping. Clapboard siding for long, thin boards used to cover walls and roofs of buildings and historically made of split oak, pine and spruce which is now common with red cedar and pine in North America. Clapboard siding houses may be found in most parts of Northeastern US and may be part of all types of traditional building, from cottages to windmills, shops to workshops, as well as many others.

Taylor Forest has everything you need when it comes to clapboard siding, bevel, lap siding, & weatherboard. Choose from our natural wood selection of trusted brands from Paulownia, Red Cedar Siding or alternative clapboards, such as Jamie Hardie plank.