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Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Why Choose Alaskan Yellow Cedar for your trim? Alaskan Yellow Cedar is one of the most beautiful of America’s durable softwoods and is sometimes overlooked in favor of more publicized species. Strongly aromatic, it is moderately strong and hard. It is used where weather resistance, stability and workability are needed.


TruExterior Trim creates an entirely new category of reliable exterior trim that offers exceptional performance, remarkable workability, and a great, long-lasting look. It is easy to work with and customize to the needs of any project, making it highly versatile.

The choice of demanding homeowners across the country, TruExterior Trim is one of our most popular building products. Here’s why:

  • Comprised of more than 75% recycled or rapidly renewable materials
  • Cuts, routes, and mills with ease
  • Resistant to rotting, cracking, splitting, and termites
  • Available in both authentic woodgrain and smooth sides
  • Trim boards easily accept paint of any color

Claymark Centurion

Centurion is the highest performing exterior finishing system manufactured by Claymark from New Zealand Radiata Pine. Centurion is a timber cladding system which has been developed to protect your greatest asset – your home. This product has been developed specifically for the USA market and includes all of Claymark’s state-of-the-art technologies to provide a product that will last and which gives a superior finish.

The features of Centurion® are:

  • Manufactured from New Zealand Radiata Pine using timber from well managed and FSC® (FSC-C008215) certified forests;
  • Manufactured to the highest precision standard and with a high quality finish;
  • Produced from the highest quality finger jointed block;
  • The Tru-Core® treatment system provides excellent durability characteristics and protects against fungal decay, insects and termites;
  • Pre-coated with a 100% acrylic primer and UV sealant undercoat;

50 year warranty against fungal decay/rot and insect attack (including Formosan termites); and Centurion® comes pre-coated with an acrylic primer and undercoat system with the following benefits:

  • The latest in waterborne coating technology for safe handling and performance;
  • 100% acrylic composition
  • Resistant to tannin and resin bleed;
  • A finish that provides better adhesion and flexibility for the coating;
  • Coated on all 4 sides for protection and enhanced stability; and
  • Claymark Centurion® 5 year limited primer warranty

Pre-made Cornerboards

PVC Trim Corners are fast and easy to install and produce a better finished product compared to corners assembled on the jobsite. Plus, you’ll get the durability of PVC and none of the maintenance that comes with wood trim.

Natural Fir

Douglas-fir is one of the United States’ most plentiful softwoods. Due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, it has long been the go-to species for carpentry and construction projects. The CVG (Clear, Vertical Grain) Douglas-fir trim that are more processed and quarter-sawn—cut so the growth rings are relatively perpendicular to board faces.


Kleer Konceal – rabbeted edge

KLEER Konceal PVC Trimboards are perfect for your home corners, fascia, soffits, rakes, casings, cornices and other building project applications, bringing the advantages of natural wood without the hassle of costly maintenance.

Kleer Trim – solid edge

KLEER PVC Trimboards are perfect for your home corners, fascia, soffits, rakes, casings, cornices and other building project applications, bringing the advantages of natural wood without the hassle of costly maintenance.

With KLEER’s innovative TruEDGE technology presents sharper and cleaner edges equipped with dust and dirt resistance, and a smooth finish that’s easier to clean than other wood trim or PVC boards without sealed edges. Infused with UV inhibitors that offer long lasting protection over time, Kleer Trimboards are perfect for producing authentic accents around windows, doors and more.

Kleer Trimboards come in a wide range of thicknesses, widths and lengths to easily fit multiple applications which are all developed with a micro-structure density similar to white pine wood. And since these PVC trimboards don’t splinter, rot, delaminate or swell – they can be installed in direct contact with the ground, masonry or other potentially damp or wet surfaces.

You can decide either to stick with the traditional brilliant white color or paint them to match any surrounding elements. Either way, you’ll find the results are superior and longer lasting than painted wood.

Kleer Trimboards are recommended for use in a wide array of applications with standard tools, as well as techniques such as pneumatic nailing, stapling, gluing and heat bending. Uniform product design eliminates core voids, grain or knot instabilities and material waste. PVC trim is a low maintenance alternative to wood. Over time, dirt will collect on the edges but a sealed edge allows the dirt to be washed off easily.

Red Cedar CVG (Clear Vertical Grain)

Red Cedar Trim, CVG is the highest quality grade available. Sawn vertical grain (edge grain). Pieces are free from growth characteristics that affect appearance or performance. Pieces have excellent dimensional stability and hold finishes exceptionally well. Red Cedar CVG Pieces may exhibit a few minor characteristics which do not detract from their high appearance and quality.

Red Cedar CVG Primed

Comes pre-primed ready for installation and paint!

Red Cedar PFJ (Prime Finger Jointed)

Red Cedar Trim Boards are available in a PFJ to fit your project and your budget without compromising on quality.

Red Cedar STK (Select Tight Knot)

Red Cedar, Select-Tight-Knot (STK) Trim has a lot of personality and is commonly used on siding, interior paneling and virtually any application. The knots and other natural features define the visual character of this grade. In this grade the knots are sound and tight.