VaporDry™ SA embraces state-of-the-art technology, with 100% fully continuous acrylic adhesive designed for ideal fastener sealability and vapor permeance. The unique combination of the permeable trilaminate underlayment and acrylic adhesive create a high performance roof assembly by maximizing roof’s drying potential while maintaining the life cycle of the entire roof deck.

  • Can be used with Cedar Breather Ventilated Underlayment for maximum drying potential in wood, metal, and cold roof applications
  • Approved for use with all roofing types with a pitch 3:12 or greater
  • Provides enhanced protection from the elements during ‘dry-in’ period
  • Slip-resistant surface & printed overlap guides for an easier install
  • Meets ASTM D1970 testing standard for roofing underlayment
  • High temperature self-adhered underlayment: 250°F  service temperature